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Social Media and Sharing Student's Work  Policy


At Steph’s Tutoring, we take pride in the achievements and progress of our students. We understand the importance of recognising and celebrating their accomplishments. One way we do this is by showcasing their work on our social media platforms.


This policy sets out the guidelines we use when sharing a student's work on social media platforms. This policy aims to ensure the protection of a student’s privacy and maintain the confidentiality of their academic

progress and uphold the reputation of our tutoring services.


Our Guidelines:


Obtaining Consent: Before sharing any student’s work on social media platforms, Steph’s Tutoring (Stephanie Sybliss) always obtains explicit written consent from the client/parent or carer and the student.  


Protect Identity and Confidentiality: When sharing a student’s work on social media, we always ensure that personal information such as the student's full name, contact details and other identifiable information are not disclosed. We will always use initials; or cover their name to protect their identity. This is in line with our Data Protection policy.


Professionalism: We always aim to maintain a high level of professionalism when sharing our student’s work. The content shared always reflects positively on both the student and Steph’s Tutoring. We would never share any content that is considered to be offensive, inappropriate, or unprofessional.


Social Media sites we use: At Steph’s Tutoring, we use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram

and LinkedIn. We always make sure that we use the most secure and reputable social media platforms for sharing our student's work and ensure that the privacy settings are configured to restrict access to the    intended audience only.


Monitor Comments and Engagement: When posting on these social media sites, we always make sure we regularly monitor the comments regarding the content posted. We will always make sure we respond promptly to any concerns or feedback from students, parents/clients, or the public. If necessary, we will take

appropriate action to address any issues; or take down a post if necessary.


Removal of Content: If a client/parent or student requests for us to take down,  remove or modify shared content, we will do so immediately.


By adhering to this policy, Steph’s Tutoring (Stephanie Sybliss) aims to create a secure and positive online environment while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our students.


Review and Revision: This policy will be reviewed and revised as needed to ensure its continued effectiveness and alignment with the values and goals of Steph’s Tutoring.

©SjS Nov 2023

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