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Welcome to my Website!


Hello, My name is Stephanie Sybliss. I've been tutoring for over ten years and I absolutely love what I do!


I'm a rare type of tutor because this is my full-time job. Most tutors work part time; often fitting tutoring in between their 'proper job.' However I've found that in order to hone my craft, I work at this for a living, so that I can get the best out of you.  

I enjoy seeing my students; whether they are GCSE learners, children or young people thrive in ways that they never thought possible and I still get a kick out of seeing a student get that 'light bulb moment' when they understand something they just didn't get before.    

Whether you're just enquiring; or looking for a tutor that can give you a personalised, fun and engaging tutoring experience, please contact me. I hope I can help to empower your learning experiences. 

About Me 




I am a passionate and confident Tutor who has a BA Honours Degree in Literature and I hold a Full Enhanced DBS Certificate. I specialise in all aspects of English; including English Literature, English Language and Creative Writing. I am also a published writer and blogger, so I can tutor and give advice and assistance on how to write creatively. 

Having worked for a number of years in schools, and student settings has enabled me to become exceptionally proficient at preparing learners to become more knowledgeable in their work, as well as becoming confident when sitting their exams.


As a tutor, I have become especially adept when assisting students in preparation to sit their GCSE English Literature and English Language exams, as I am familiar with the 9-1 GCSE English Literature and English Language Exam Specifications, so I can tutor to address this and provide tailor-made tutoring and advice to suit specific areas of this curriculum. 


In addition to this; I can give consultation and advice for learners when they are seeking to write successful university personal statements, CV's  or  when writing 'A' Level, degree and dissertation essays.  


I believe that being a patient tutor is key when assisting students on their learning journey, as well as having a mutual respect  for the difficulties when understanding certain concepts.


I absolutely welcome nervous or shy students to tutor with me in a quest for them to be able to reach their full potential!


I look forward to the opportunity of my prospective tutees thriving in their learning and becoming part of their journey towards academic success.


Please contact me to discuss your specific tutoring needs.





Successful students in 2023!


Congratulations to all of my students whom I have tutored and have moved onto more fantastic educational opportunities; during the last year of 2023. I am so proud of you all!


During this time, I have assisted 4 out of 5 of my students in their 11+  English common entrance tests, to secure places into the following schools:


Tiffin Boys School, Tiffin Girls School, Sutton Grammar School, Wallington High School For Girls & Wilson's School 


I have also seen approximately 85% of my students receive a GCSE higher pass Grade of 5-8 and my other students receive a standard pass of Grade 4. All of these students gone onto further education settings such as: Tiffin Girls Sixth Form & NESCOT. 


All my students; regardless of whether they have sat an exam, has shown tenacity and a positive attitude to succeed in their tutoring lessons. Well done to everyone! 


Also; a big THANK YOU! to all parents and carers who have trusted me to help their learners in their English education.   











Please email me on: to see how I can help with your tutoring needs.

Best Wishes

Steph x 
























Rob S, Client/Parent

"Stephanie has tutored my son Alex for well over a year. She has been excellent at preparing Alex for his GCSE exam and has been very patient and extremely helpful all the way through. She always responds very quickly to any queries we have and is very reliable. Thanks for all of your help." 

Monica S, A-Level Student

"Highly recommend, really helpful and professional! Stephanie really does care about your education by ensuring you have all the resources/notes that you need, as well as properly marking your essays from A-Z which I never got from a teacher!"



 "Since having Steph as my tutor my essay writing has dramatically improved and I’ve gone from receiving a 2:1 in university essays, to receiving a 1st on my last four essays, what I learn in lessons with Steph can be applied to all future essays making this experience so worthwhile. She’s brilliant!!!"

Megan T, Degree Student

Saptarshi R, Client/Parent

"My daughter loved Stephanie’s 11+ English lessons from day 1. Stephanie is structured and methodical for her lesson plans. She engages well with my daughter, understands her strengths and shortcomings and able to motivate her to improve. Most importantly she makes her lessons fun and my daughter absolutely loves her lessons. A big thanks."

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