Terms and Conditions

At Steph’s Tutoring, we aim to have complete clarity when you as a client; or your student/learner engages in tutoring lessons with us. This is set out in the Terms and Conditions in this policy. You will also find more detailed information in the contract you sign at the start of your tutoring journey with us. Note: Steph’s Tutoring (Stephanie Sybliss) reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions; which will be found on this website.  

Contracts and Personal Information

  • Clients must read and sign a contract during the first lesson. (Online clients will be sent a contract to read and sign before the first lesson). This contains details of your payment plan and how payment will be made. It will also set out guidelines about expectations regarding behaviour, conduct and homework.

  • All clients (Online or face-to-face) must also read and sign a separate contract about Covid-19 and other infectious illnesses. (A more detailed Covid-19/infectious illness policy is available to read on the policy section of this website).

  • It is important that clients fill in an emergency contact information sheet for the tutor, so that we can contact you about your student/child/learner if an emergency arises during the lesson. This should be at least one or more mobile phone numbers, a contact address and an email address. Note: For online children/students/learners, this information is still needed for our records. It is the client’s responsibility to notify the tutor; Stephanie Sybliss of any changes in details as soon as possible.

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to provide details regarding their learner/child of any allergies, special needs or medical concerns which they deem important before the first lesson or any tutoring lessons begin.



  • Lessons are charged as per the rates on this website and as discussed at the time of enquiry. Note: All fees are set and are not open to negotiation.

  • All payments for lessons must be made in full at least 24 hours before each first lesson.

  • Lessons are to be paid in either five-week blocks; or weekly individual payments at least 24 hours before the lesson commences.

  • Clients will be invoiced for each lesson before each lesson and after payment has been made, a receipt will be sent to them.

  • Payment for the lessons should be done via bank transfer, details on how to do this is provided on the invoices sent to you. Note: We do not take cash for any transactions whatsoever.

  • There will be a 'No-Notice' Charge issued to clients who have given the tutor (Stephanie Sybliss) less than 24 hours notice when cancelling a lesson. This charge will be for the cost of the lesson. This invoice (sent separately to your usual invoice) will need to be paid before lessons can be resumed again.  



  • Cancelled/missed sessions are non-refundable, however with medical emergencies and at with at least 24hours notice; I will attempt to offer an alternative lesson only if possible. This is at the discretion of the tutor (Stephanie Sybliss) and is not a regular arrangement. 

  • In the rare occurrence that lessons are cancelled by me, I will reschedule the lesson to take place on a different time/or day.

  • If you wish to completely cancel the tuition contract and lessons, the client must give at least TWO WEEKS NOTICE in writing or email. Note: If you cancel before the end of a block of lessons; you will not be refunded the remaining weeks left.  


Absences and illnesses/Infectious illness/Covid-19

  • To avoid the spread of illness to students/myself/or other people; any student or client with an infectious illness (such as Covid-19), must not come to tutoring or enter the premises. If it is suspected that during a lesson a student is exhibiting signs of an infectious illness, the tutor reserves the right to cancel the lesson with immediate effect. The student will not be allowed back to tutoring lessons until they well again. It is the client/parent’s responsibility to inform the tutor (Stephanie Sybliss) when the student/child is able to attend lessons again.  

  • If there is a rise in the Covid-19 situation, it may be necessary for all clients to wear a face mask (including the tutor; Stephanie Sybliss) when present in the Learning Studio. Students/Learners 12 years old and under do not need to wear one, but may if they wish. 

  • During the time when Covid-19 restrictions are in place, all lessons will be delivered via Zoom online, until it is safe to commence with face-to-face lessons.

  • To promote good hygiene practices, all students and clients are encouraged to make use of the hand gels supplied upon entering the Learning Studio. During the lesson, all students/learners will be encouraged to use them throughout the lesson and also if they sneeze or cough; they are encouraged to use a tissue. If you wish, you can bring your own hand gels and tissues for your learner/child.  

  • If your child is well enough for to participate in a Zoom online lesson, this can be arranged mutually at a time convenient with the client and the tutor. Note: At least 24 hours’ notice is required for the tutor to accomodate this arrangement.


Timekeeping and parental involvement

  • All lessons are 1 hour in duration; regardless of whether they are online or face-to-face. Extra time can be arranged prior to the lesson and upon agreement with the tutor. This extra time is charged. (Please see the price list on this website for further information). 

  • The tutor (Stephanie Sybliss) reserves the right to charge for meetings in person with clients or via phone and online if they are requested outside of the student’s usual lesson times.

  • If clients/parents sit in on face-to-face lessons, they must not participate in the lesson or distract the student in any way whatsoever. During online lessons, the client/parent can be present (but not visible) if the student is in Year 3 or Year 4. This is so that if any connection issues arise, they are able to sort them out for the student. They must not participate in the lesson or distract the student in any way whatsoever.

  • It is important that all lessons (whether face-to-face or online) begin on time. If the student is persistently late for their lesson, the tutor (Stephanie Sybliss) reserves the right to cancel the lesson.


Online lessons and Google Classroom

  • During the online lesson, the student/child must not tamper with the mute button; or any equipment that will disrupt the overall flow of the lesson.

  • If there are connection issues, the student/child should use the ‘chat facility’ on Zoom to notify the tutor by typing to them that there is a problem; or they should inform the client/parent as soon as possible to try and rectify the issue.

  • The client/parent/student should communicate via telephone if the connection is completely lost as soon as possible. 

  • If connection issues continue for longer than 15 minutes (whether that is on the tutor’s internet connection or with the student's or client's connection); the tutor reserves the right to end the lesson and then reschedule it at another time mutual to both the tutor and the parent/client/student.

  • All online work and homework is shared between the tutor, student and client/parent via Google Classroom. The ‘classroom’ is exclusive only to these people and should not be shared with any other parties. (To avoid Data Protection issues). 


Homework/Extra Work


  • In order for the student to progress, it is sometimes necessary that a short amount of homework or extra work is set. This is usually a small quantity of work and typically involves finishing off work done in the lesson. If the client/parent does not wish the student to have any extra work such as this; they need to communicate this to the tutor (Stephanie Sybliss). 

  • It is important that the student completes the work in readiness for the next lesson. All homework/extra work is marked and feedback is given. Whether it is homework for online or face-to-face lessons, I always aim to mark and send back work before the next lesson.

  • Parents/Clients should encourage the learner/student to do the homework set, as it is likely to result in a more rapid progress in their student’s learning.



For further information regarding these Terms and Conditions, please email or telephone (Stephanie Sybliss) on: stephjs01@gmail.com or: 07504 530 572.