Covid, Omicron and You - Policy

Your well-being matters


Guidance for our Parents/Carers/Clients

Your health and well-being are paramount at Steph's Tutoring. Therefore, with regards to Covid; all parents/carers/clients must wear a face mask if they wish to sit in on the lessons in The Learning Studio, to try to avoid spreading the virus. This will be in line with any current Government regulations that are in place and to try to ensure the health and safety of everyone present in The Learning Studio.


Hand gel must be applied upon entering The Learning Studio. You may use your own hand gel, if you wish. The tutor; Stephanie Sybliss will likewise be following these guidelines.


Disclaimer: If in doubt about any products I supply with regards to hand sanitisers/gels, please ask before the lesson takes place; or bring your own products to use. Parents/carers/adults will be required to disclose and sign a disclaimer document/contract and declare that any allergies/conditions they or their learners may have; are known to the tutor before a lesson takes place. The tutor (Stephanie Sybliss) and Steph's Tutoring reserve the right to cancel any lesson with immediate effect if a parent/carer/adult has failed to disclose this information before lessons take place.

Guidance for our Students/Learners/Children


The current guidelines on the Government Website state that it is not compulsory for children 12 years old or                          younger to wear a face mask. It is important however; that they make full use of the hand gel within The                                      Learning Studio and especially if they blow their nose, cough or sneeze. (They can use their own if they wish).


Covid-19 (coronavirus) and Omicron


The current known symptoms of covid and the Omicron variant are: A sore throat, coughing, sneezing and headaches. This means that it can replicate all the symptoms of a common cold or flu (influenza). It is therefore important that if you; or your learner/child are experiencing any of these symptoms, that you do not come to lessons. This is to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Disclaimer: The tutor (Stephanie Sybliss reserves the right to cancel the lesson with immediate effect if they notice that the client or their child/learner is producing any of these symptoms; or has failed to inform the tutor that they are unwell and they will still be charged for that lesson.

Cleaning always matters to us!


It is really important that when clients and students come to The Learning Studio, that they can be assured of a professional, tidy and clean workspace, therefore all surfaces used in the lessons, chairs and equipment used by clients and students are always cleaned before, and after lessons. This is in order to ensure the highest standards of hygiene is practiced at all times and to avoid the potential spread of Covid.


Air Purifier


Where possible; especially during the warmer weather/season, the door in The Learning Studio will be open. This is to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and is in line with current government guidelines, as well as encouraging clean air to flow naturally through the room. If it is too cold to have the door open; an Air Purifier will be used, which aims to improve the overall quality of the indoor air and uses a HEPA Filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) in order to do this.

Click on the link below to refer to the government website for more information regarding the ventilation of indoor spaces to stop the coronavirus (Covid-19). To find out more about the Air Filter used in The Learning Studio; click the link below.


If you have any questions regarding any aspect of this policy, please contact: Stephanie Sybliss (Steph’s Tutoring) on:


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