Tutoring Topics/Lessons Covered
Note: All tutoring topics/lessons are available for face to face tutoring (In the Learning Studio, in Sutton) or for online tutoring

KS1/Year 3 SATs Primary School Tutoring
KS2 and SATs Test Preparation

These lessons will include working in depth on all the subjects that may come up on an English common entrance test. It will include Verbal Reasoning (on the 11+ lessons only)  and Creative Writing. The aim of the lessons are to address the much needed competencies essential to adequately sit these tests such as Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. Homework is also usually set and often comprises of finishing off work that was started in the lesson.  


During the lessons handwriting and the presentation of work a student's work is looked at as well, so that they will feel fully confident to be able to sit this test and may be in a good position when considering admissions  into their school of choice.   

Tutoring with me in these lessons can cover a wide variety of subjects; such as how to  competently write comprehension answers, understanding how to compose/or plan your work and how to produce a story for creative writing. 


When the student is in Year 5/6, Mock SATs test papers are worked on regularly and SPAG (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) techniques are encouraged when writing so that they can confidently feel ready to take this test. 


In Year 6, I will also work on some Year 7 (Secondary School) transition work, so that students can feel a bit more at ease when moving on into this year group.   

It doesn't matter whether you're an adult learner or a student in your secondary school years, it helps to have a tutor assist you with the more complex aspects of an A Level English Literature course or the GCSE English literature and English Language curriculum. I am extremely adept at getting students to become more confident in tackling the new GCSE exam specifications and the 9-1 award system which has been in place since 2017. Equally I know the A Level English Literature subject extremely well, so I can help you to write essays to an academic standard.


So whether you're having trouble understanding how to write an adequate exam essay response; or you generally just need a boost in your knowledge of the texts, I can help with practical, comprehensive lessons designed to assist and arm you with a boost of knowledge to sit this exam.      

A-Level English Literature and GCSE English Literature and Language Tutoring

A student can begin their tutoring journey with me from Key Stage 1, (Year 3 Primary). During these lessons, I will take the student through the first steps of understanding how to adequately use Grammar such as pronouns and interesting adjectives in their work. This will formulate the basis of being able to write longer pieces of work and  also cover Year 3 SATs test preparation.


Regular assessments are used to track progress and tailor-made lesson plans and feedback are given to cater for all needs.

7+, 11+ and 13+ English Common Entrance Tests
Degree and Dissertation Essay Writing Assistance
IELTS, Functional Skills and Preparation for Job Interviews and Application Forms

Occasionally a university student; or an adult learner may need some assistance when devising a complex essay for a degree, or an essay for their dissertation. 

I can help you to get your ideas down for a subject you are studying, in a way that encourages you to think independently; whilst at the same time offering practical advice on how to structure an essay using vocabulary and grammar suitable for a degree or dissertation standard.


These sessions are aimed to assist you and would also include advice on how to reference your work and equally I will give advice on how to write a bibliography using the Harvard method; or a suitable reference system that you use in your place of study. 

Whilst I don't profess to know everything about the subject a learner will be studying, I hope I can help to clear the brain fog and fear that sometimes happens when attempting to write analytically and help you to achieve with success! 

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a complex system that tests the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills of a learner. 


As a tutor, I am able to to work with adult learners to practice these essential skills using past papers and also allowing them to practice their speaking and listening skills in a practical and naturalistic way, so they will feel competent to take the test.


I can also help adult learners who are studying for their Functional Skills tests. Through the lessons the student will gain confidence in their English reading and writing skills, which will be crucial to passing the tests.


Moreover, I am adept at assisting people to prepare for job interviews; or those who wish to become more fluent in English Literacy/Language and for whom English is an additional language. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.