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Lockdown Relaxation! Now taking bookings for face to face tutoring from Monday 12th April 2021!

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Good news! The government will start to begin the Stage Two Phase of the Roadmap designed to lift us out of lockdown, so this will mean the opening of 'non-essential' businesses and people being able to mix and meet in larger group settings from Monday 12th April 2021. You can read in more detail about it on the Government Website below:

or on the BBC News link:

What's the roadmap for lifting lockdown?

This is really good news for everyone!!

Even though we still have to remember to wear our face masks and abide by the social distancing rules; it does mean that we can start to do more things and meet up with a few more people than before.

With this in mind, I am now taking face to face bookings and tutoring again, in my Learning Studio from Monday 12th April 2021!

This will of course be done alongside the online tutoring that is currently available from Steph's Tutoring for students who feel more comfortable having online lessons.

Safety is at the fore of Steph's Tutoring; so as a way to ensure you, potential clients and students that come to my Learning Studio with regards to tutoring lessons and with social distancing/covid in mind; I have made a short Powerpoint presentation for you to watch so you can have an idea of how I intend to implement face to face tutoring from Monday 12th April 2021.

Please watch it, let me know what you think and contact me with regards to receiving face to face consultation in any English subject; or tutoring for you or any member of your family.

Note: Parents/carers/adults are allowed to sit in on a lesson if needed, however they are unable to participate in the lesson and must use hand sanitiser/gel before and after the lesson and wear a face mask throughout the whole lesson.

I can also supply alcohol free/Halal Certified hand sanitiser. Please click on this link to see details about the one I use.

Disclaimer: If in any doubt about any products I supply with regards to hand sanitisers/gels or drink in the lesson, please ask before a lesson takes place; or bring your own products to use. Parents/carers/adults will be required to sign a disclaimer document/contract to declare that any allergies/conditions their learners may have are known to the tutor before a lesson takes place. The tutor (Stephanie Sybliss) and Steph's Tutoring reserve the right to cancel any lesson with immediate effect if a parent/carer/adult has failed to disclose this information before lessons take place.

You can see my price list here: Please contact me at: to find out how you can book a lesson.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon with regards to all your tutoring needs.

Best wishes and stay safe!

Stephanie Sybliss

Steph's Tutoring

© SjS April 2021


Very useful to know and a very professional presentation. Thanks so much. I'll be in touch.

Replying to

Glad you think so! I look forward to hearing from you soon with regards to you booking some more lessons.

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